Friday, November 4, 2011

Hummus - from CosmoCookie

This is how I decide what to cook. I go online and I look around. If I see something I like  will try it.
Today I found this awsome blog with amazing photos, great recipes: CosmoCookie

Click on the link to see the recipe: CosmoCookie: Hummus: Hummus. You've seen it at about every potluck/dinner party these days. You've probably bought a giant tub of it before. You've probably nev...


I made this hummus today. It was so good, it turned my boyfriend into a hummus lover.
This was simply DELICIOUS!

It is so easy to make, in 2 minutes it's ready. I served it with some veggies and pita bread.

No need to buy hummus anymore. Better than any hummus I ever had. Thanks for sharing.

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